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How You Can Help!

Feed our children – $200 will feed 300 children

Malnutrition is a fundamental problem among children in the villages we serve. Poverty, hunger and malnutrition stalk one another in a vicious circle, compromising the health of children. Hunger itself causes temporary suffering, but also long term sequel. Childhood is the period that one’s brain develops the most. If sufficient nutrition is not provided in these years, the brain does not develop fully, which will cause life-long disadvantage. 20% of Guatemalan children have only 1 meal a day, 50% have only 2 a day. We are making a difference with our feeding program. We currently have 600 children from 3 villages that we provide three substantial meals a week. When we go to the villages, we ask for participation of the local people. We have the parents create a cooking team and have the children bring firewood. Teachers supervise the program and teach them how to store food ingredients safely. This teaches them skills they can use to feed themselves. We do this because we don't want to increase their dependency, we want to help them become independent. Though right now we only serve one meal a week, we pray that we can provide meals for more children.

Scholarship programs for children - $35.00 per month for 3 years

Poverty and education are inextricably linked, because people living in poverty often stop going to school, so they can work. This leaves them without literacy skills needed to help them earn a better living. Knowledge gives children hope and the power to dream of a better future. It gives them the confidence needed to pursue full educations, which will help break the cycle of poverty. Before we began our ministry at Chuisajcaba, the school attendance rate was less than 40%. Some parents did not send their children to school, but instead sent their children to coffee farms so that they could earn 1- 3 dollars a day (depending on how many pounds of coffee they picked) Also, by the time the children graduate elementary school, they are 12 to 15 years old. Boys usually help their fathers make a living, or in rare cases get a job of their own. Girls get married. And the chain of poverty is repeated over and over from their father's generation to their generation. Our scholarship program allows these children to go to school instead of going to work in the coffee farms. We ask that you commit to $35 per month for three years. Currently we have 60 scholarship students who will continue to receive scholarships for at least the next two years.

Scholarships for medical students’ program – $400 per month for 6 years

This includes tuition and living expenses. Question- Does this mean if you want to donate you have to commit to 6 years? Yes, we are asking for 6 years of commitment. 6 years is a long time, but we need to make sure that our scholarship students will not have any financial problems until their graduation. We also ask the supporting family to pray for the student daily, just as their adopted son or daughter. For we want them to grow as a faithful doctor, not just a doctor. 

Medicine – $400 provides 1 month of vitamins for 1,000 children 

Through our mobile medical clinics to remote villages, we also provide medicine for parasites which helps increase the absorption of nutrients, which fights malnutrition.

Although we have various missions and so many different locations we serve, we confess that we share one commonality in our missions, which is proclaiming the risen Jesus, our Lord! We confess that if local people whom we serve can see that the Lord is with them, and the Lord takes care of them in the midst of their crying, their tears, and their pains, then that is all, and that is enough. We cannot fix their sorrow, suffering, and pains immediately by our own. However, through our ministry, we can be the touching hand of the Lord on their wound. We can be the hand of the Lord wiping their tears. We can be the hand of the Lord laying on them, and pray together. The tangible things that we offer through our mission ministries may be gone as time goes on. However, faith in His faithfulness will be eternal in them as well as in us! ~ Luke Rhyee, Pastor and MD