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Be a part of Healing Guatemala through a mission trip!

Use this information to decide the type and scope of the project your group would like to do.

But first, make sure your team answers the question, “Why do we want to do a mission trip?” It is very important that your team through prayer and reflection answer this question, and of course it should be consistent with the will of God.

What kind of ministry do you want to do? Healing Guatemala has several ministries your group can participate in.

1. MEDICAL MISSIONS – 2 types:

1- Your team can travel to remote communities and provide dental care and general

medical care to people who are unable to seek medical attention in the cities.

2- Your team can perform minor surgeries at the low cost medical clinic at the

Bethesda Medical Clinic.

2. VBS (Vacation Bible School)

While your group is working with the children, Healing Guatemala will provide the medical staff to see patients.


Construction is ongoing at the Bethesda Medical Clinic. Current construction is needed on the medical clinic (surgical operation rooms, radiology, laboratory, outpatient unit for medical and dental service, gynecological cancer screening room, and inpatient rooms), guest rooms for short term mission teams, and housing for the missionaries and staff.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1.TEAM SIZE: How many members can we bring? 8 to 15

2.TEAM MEMBERS: Are there any age requirements?

No, but please note that individual must be able to walk up hills and over rocky roads for short distances.


Most are 1 to 2 weeks. Your team decides.It is a good idea to set aside 1 day to experience the local culture and living environments of the people you will be serving. It is important to remember that Mission is the very presence of God through your team’s presence. Local people see the love of God through your team. Understanding local people and their living condition is the first step to love.


Dormitory style: large rooms with 4 – 5 single beds and bathroom with shower.

Internet is available but is spotty at times. No need for special electrical adapters.

Bring your own bathroom items. Sheets, pillows and blankets are provided.


All meals at the compound are prepared by our wonderful cook, Maria. Bottled drinking water is also provided. If your group travels to a remote site, Healing Guatemala will provide the food to be cooked at the site. You may also bring snacks of your own to eat if you would like.


1) 500 dollars of non-refundable administration fee for each team: This fee will cover the cost of all the arrangements before team's arrival. Also, this fee will secure the period time that the team plans on our mission trip calendar.

Airline tickets vary, but are usually somewhere between 700-900 US dollars. You will purchase your own tickets.

2) 70 dollars per day per person for staying at Bethesda. This fee will cover, transportation, three meals, a bed, and Wi-Fi. (If the team size is bigger than 15, we ask 60 dollars) If your team uses outside restaurants or hotels, your team is to cover them.

3) As for medicines and supplies, we like to recommend your team to bring your own meds and supplies to use. We can help to prepare the importation documents of meds. (we need to hire a customs broker, which will cost 60 dollars. It takes two weeks.) The budget for meds and supplies depend on how many and what kinds of patients you want to cover. But based on our experience of mobile clinic, if we cover 200-300 patients a day, we need 1000 dollars for meds and supplies.

The cost of a VBS would be the supplies you bring, usually between $800-$1,000.

For construction mission, materials for a week are approximately $2,000-$3,000.

4) Also, for your information, hotel fares in Guatemala City are from 80 to 150 dollars per two persons per night. 

Please email me at [email protected] for more exact numbers and for any questions.

You can support Healing Guatemala with a Tax Deductible donation using the Donate PayPal button on the right or mail checks to:

Healing Guatemala

P.O. Box 1835

Duluth, GA 30096